Welcome to hell

Hi this is my page. Finally! Took long enough to learn this shit. Hope this doesn't hurt your eyes too much. My name is Kira and this is my personal website. Here you will find my social media links and pages that stroke my small ego.

Basic info: I'm 23, some kinda nonbinary who likes old stuff and hates capitalism. Specifics of my personal interests are in the depths of this page. Social media is here:
Tumblr: https://snailkira.tumblr.com/
Cohost: snailkira
Pinterest: kiraoftheinternet
Youtube: kiraoftheinternet
Nintendo 3DS: SnailKira
Nintendo Switch: SnailKira. DM me on Twitter for friend code. I have too many.
Reddit: kiraoftheinternet
Spore: Kira2000 (Yes I play Spore, please see the page "Dumb shit for babies")